My Journey

2011 -2013

Implementation Analyst – Uniting Care Australia

In 2011 I was hired by Uniting Care to work as an Implementation Analyst. This job was my first role in the Business Analysis space, which demands high communication skills and the ability to reach different audiences, from senior to end-users. During my time at United Care I introduced a new  Case Management system, designed for users with non-technical background and no computer literacy. This was a challenging task, but it was even more when communicating in a second language!

2013 -2014

Business Analyst – ANZ Australia

ANZ is one of the most prestigious banks in Australia and New Zealand. In 2013 my job as a Business Analyst was taken to another level, working only with senior professionals, project managers, IT specialists, etc. Their expectation is not only that you are able to communicate and demonstrate your expertise in a second language, their real expectation is that you can negotiate, liaise and influence senior people. This perhaps has been the most challenging of all my experiences using a second language.

2014 – 2015

Business Systems Analyst – Mooney Valley City Council Australia

Working for local government or the government in general can be a bit frustrating, goals take longer to accomplish and there is more resistance to improve and make things better. Influencing professionals in this type of environment also becomes a big challenge when done using a second language

2015 – 2016

Independent Consultant

Not much to say here, when you work as an independent contractor there is the benefit of liaising in a more relaxing environment where communication flows better and it is less rigid, which is great for a non-native English speaker.

2019 – To present

Business Analyst – Glen Dimplex Ireland

Traveling and working in different countries brings you a completely different view and perception of how to communicate in the work or business environment. My job as a Business Analyst in Ireland (and perhaps it would be the same in any other country) is highly shaped by the Irish culture itself, it is not the same to communicate in a second language in a monocultural country vs. a multicultural country and that’s where the challenge resides.

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