Spanish Language Assistance for
Business Professionals & Students

Meet Kelly

If you are a professional, entrepreneur or student struggling to make sense of the Spanish language and keen to improve your confidence, then the next step is to run the Initial Assessment or get in touch with me.


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Study Plan

What Your Study plan will look like

1. Assessment

Understanding what you need is the first step to address your language needs. This is where I get to know you to help you with your confidence using Spanish.

2. Practical Sessions Plan

Practical sessions involve real conversations in Spanish. We can work together to lock in online or in person sessions, we define all the possible situations in which you will be exposed to the language.

3. Study In Action

Here is where we go from plan to action, I work with you over the scheduled sessions in person or remotely via: Skype, iTalki, Hangouts, Zoom, etc. Depending on your progress we could extend or reduce the number of sessions.