Study Plan

1. Assessment

This step in the process will help you to self-assess your knowledge and skills in the 4 main areas of a language and in particular the Spanish language: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. At the end of this step we will get together to have a post self-assessment session (virtual or in person) in which I will walk-through a couple of questions that will help me to understand the industry and audience you intend to communicate with. We will try to cover all the possible scenarios such as workshops, one-to-one meetings, interviews, videoconferencing, presentations, demos, phone meetings, etc. Once we have a better picture of what you need we get together again to schedule practical sessions based on our discussions.

2. Practical Sessions Plan

This is where I will share with you the plan that we would follow based on the information collected during the Assessment step. Similar to the initial assessment, we will split the practical sessions in the 4 areas assessed: Speaking, Listening, Reading and writing, and we will set times against each session within each area. We could have a combination of in person (if applicable) or online sessions.

For students living in Ireland, we plan the sessions based on the material provided by your school.

3. Study In Action

Session one kicks off, we follow sessions as agreed in the study plan. If you think you need more practical sessions, we could extend the plan and add as many sessions as needed.

For students in Ireland feel free to skip or complete the initial assessment. We will work with the material provided by your school (Junior and Senior cycles).

If you would like me to help you with your Spanish-learning journey feel free to run the Initial Assessment or get in touch.